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Your strategic translation partner

From sworn translators to translating technical texts, from advertisements to interpretation
and from editing to layout. Mill offers a broad-range, high-quality full package – everything
related to translation is available for you here. Quickly, professionally and for a low cost.

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Legal translation

It is crucial for legal documents for the text to be unambiguous, accurate, and proper – the text may never be conveyed incorrectly. Due to this, document translation requires not only high linguistic, but also legal knowledge. Read more or send an inquiry!

Technical translation

How often do you see instruction manuals which are hard to understand and full of spelling mistakes? In addition to a strong grasp of the language, technical translation requires a translator to also have thorough knowledge of the technical terminology of the given field and an understanding of related terms. Read more or send an inquiry!

Other translation

Over the course of our long history, we have translated in all areas, from advertisements to whisper interpreting. We only cooperate with experts in their field, so if you want to convey any text in another language, request an offer and we will do the work quickly and reliably!
Read more or send an inquiry!

In addition to translation, we also provide editing and layout services, so Mill is your go-to partner for everything you need!

Hind ja garantii

Price list

The price is developed according to the type and amount of translation. The fee for help with the text or layout is added if necessary.

We consider both the desires of the client and our actual possibilities – this way, we ensure
that the work is delivered on time.

The minimum price for translation is 12 euros + VAT per page.

We guarantee a translation which is completed precisely and on time.

Invoices for translations with a cost below 35 euros are issued before the translation is completed.

After receiving the translation, the client has 10 business days to issue any complaints.

We are flexible and take the client’s desires into account when carrying out the translations. Each of our translations is completed with maximum attention and commitment!


About us

We have been operating in the field of translation for twenty-eight years and in that time, we have translated texts ranging from legal documents to instruction manuals and advertisements, as well as ample experience in editing, text support and layout work. Our
area of activity has grown over our extensive history, we do excellent translation of area- specific texts from economics to culture and also offer whisper and consecutive interpretation. We are committed to stay on the level of our slogan “Your strategic translation partner!”

Over these twenty-eight years, we have also developed the formula for best translation, containing professionals who have been working for years, active communication and
consideration for the client’s wishes, as well as a punctual attitude and respect for deadlines. Choose Mill Translation Office and you can be sure that the work will be done on time, accurately and with regard for your wishes!

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